Recession Cupcakes
"A cupcake experience that meets your individual needs"
The project guideline was to create three cupcake flavors belonging to the same company, each flavor came with enough supplies to create 4 cupcakes.

Recession Cupcakes is a series of three cupcake "flavors" fictionally from the U.S. Department of Pastries, and are a social commentary to our government's modes of assistance to it's people. The three levels represent the three classes and how the government helps each:

Free Ride (welfare junkies/lower class)
               comes with 4 PREMADE cupcakes
Hope (average people/middle class)
               comes with 20+ forms to mail in, in order to receive supplies to make 4 cupcakes
Bailout (rich folk/upper class)
               comes with enough  supplies to make 24 cupcakes

Actual pictures of the boxes coming soon...

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